Exhibition, workshops and sustainable products!

The opening event will be on Friday the 5th of August from 5pm till 9pm.

We will show you the new collection with a Sustainable Personal Stylist, IG: simastylistlondon. She strives to redesign wardrobe habits, creating new from old outfits that reflect your personality and lifestyle.

On Saturday the 6th the exhibition will be also displayed, but the main activity will be combined workshops about how to make you existing clothes unique. Sustainable products will be available to purchase!

Book the workshops here! 

Rework it: weaving and sewing

Start to mend your own clothes.

Cushions with vintage fabrics

 Woven sky, Embroidered glass and moss are some of the inspirations of the collection. Consisting of a blend of techniques, which serve to conserve garments, thus giving them a whole new meaning and life extension.

This fashion designer introduces a refreshing new way of caring, by collaborating with other textile designers, bringing together weaving, embroidery and vintage fabrics. The garment you want modified is submitted to the designer. It is then reimagined for you to wear proudly. The garments Nadia reworks reflect creativity, care and innovative textures.

The iron on patches and the Rice bag kits are also present in this collection as an opportunity to rework garments with your own hands.  Made of offcuts from the same Textiles used in the collection.


Designs by TLZ movement clothes  @tlzmovementclothes


In collaboration with:

Hand-embroidery specialist  @zina_kazban

Weaving from Freeweaver Saori Studio  @freeweaver_saori_studio Unlike traditional textile techniques, which rely on repeating patterns, Saori Weaving is freestyle, personal to the weaver and so expressive that each cloth is unique, a work of art. 

Cotton from Khadi CICA social enterprise promoting ethical, authentic, aesthetic fabrics. Lovingly Hand Made. @khadilondon

Unique vintage fabric from Olive Road London @oliveroadlondon


Book the workshops here! 

Rework it: weaving and sewing

Start to mend your own clothes.


 Craft Central, 379-411 Westferry Road E14 3AE










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