About me

Would you like to have more colors and efficiency in your wardrobe? 

I'm Nadia, welcome to my brand! I'm a fashion designer who fixes up old clothes and saves them from going to landfill by adding embroidered colorful patches. 

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me repairing clothes



I make PATCHES to rework or customize any clothes that you think deserve a freshing-up. You can buy my patches and just iron them on any piece of your wardrobe! It´s a really special gift for a person who likes taking care of the planet and have an eye-catching look.

I was born in Argentina. Now my home is London and here you can watch me dancing, mending clothes, ironing and singing while I put patches on my clothes.

A colorful wardrobe is a colorful life. When I check my wardrobe and I see a garment that I wasn’t using because its too plain or too old I put it in my backpack and I take it on my scooter to my East London studio next to the river. I don’t think about giving it to charity or to a bin, it just makes more fashion waste most of the times. Instead I take my iron and put some embroidered patches that make my garment look amazingly gorgeous!

Nature inspires me in every way; I lived in Ecuador and Hampstead (London) and nature was part of my day to day work. Flowers are the most exuberant manifestation of color and I love myself so much that I wanted to be surrounded by colorful flowers all day in the middle of the city. I feel that highlighting people’s presence we can be more present and respect more each other. TLZ movement clothes relies on creativity as well as awareness of the cyclical processes of which everyone is a part of REPURPOSING CLOTHES, helping the environment by reducing waste and inspiring others to do so! . Every piece I make it´s a planet Earth ally.

I also can mend your garments in a way that you will fall in love again with yourself wearing them. 
Re use, repurpose and look to create self-sufficient processes rather than relying on finite resources or single-use products.
Send me an e-mail telling me what you need and we will find a solution together. You can send me the garment by mail or we can make an appointment in my studio if you are in London. Just drop an e-mail above.
What better way to reduce consumption of finite resources than to make the most of what we already have?!

Thank you for reading this,

Nadia Piechestein