Alterations and repairs. CLASSIC or by DESIGN.

I want you to wear clothes that maximise your happy feelings, clothes which are comfortable and that allow you to be you! I've been reworking clothes like this since 2008, and it's still my motivation today.

I can FIX your garments, sew PATCHES or RECONSTRUCT your favorite clothes!

Fittings, hems, zips, holes and things you never imagined.

Send me an e-mail telling me what you need and we will find a solution together.

You can send me the garment by mail or we can make an appointment in my studio if you are in London. Just drop an e-mail above.



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Would you like to have more  efficiency in your wardrobe and reduce fashion waste at the same time? 

Bring me those garments you want to keep using and I will create the most delicious alterations!

The textile I use to rework garments are sources from collaborations with textile designers.

I am working at the moment with Freeweaver Saori Studios and Olive Road textiles.

The Japanese wool I work with to rework clothes it is weaved by Saori studios.  Unlike traditional textile techniques, which rely on repeating patterns, Saori Weaving is freestyle, personal to the weaver and so expressive that each cloth is unique, a work of art. 

This cloth are results of the workshops they give, it stays with no use and I use them for my collection. 

I receive the cloth incorporating it to my garments compositions.

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