Fashion Fix

Would you like to have more efficiency in your wardrobe? 

I want to help you to refresh the clothes you don´t use.

me repairing clothes

Hola! I'm Nadia, welcome to my brand! I'm a fashion designer and maker born in South America, Argentina. Now my home is London and here you can watch me dancing, mending clothes, ironing patches to make things more colorful, reduce waste, make clothes last longer and inspire others to do so! 
TLZ movement clothes relies on creativity as well as awareness of the cyclical processes of which everyone is part REPURPOSING FABRICS from other sources, helping the environment by reducing waste. Every piece I make it´s a planet earth ally. 
YOU are a creator and participant of this mending circle. I make, with my own hands, APLIQUES and PATCHES to rework or customize any clothes that you think deserves a refreshment. You can buy my patches and just iron them on any piece of your wardrobe! It´s a really special gift for a person who likes taking care of the planet.

I also can mend your garments in a way that you will fall in love again with yourself wearing them. 
Re use, repurpose and look to create self-sufficient processes rather than relying on finite resources or single-use products. Look at this not as a constraint but as an opportunity for creativity.
Send me an e-mail telling me what you need and we will find a solution together. You can send me the garment by mail or we can make an appointment in my studio if you are in London. Just drop an e-mail above.
What better way to reduce consumption of finite resources than to make the most of what we already have?!