🌟 Unlock the Potential of Your Wardrobe with TLZ Movement Clothes 🌟


Are you tired of constantly buying new clothes and contributing to the cycle of waste in the fashion industry? Look no further, because TLZ Movement Clothes is here to revolutionize the way you think about your wardrobe.


Meet Nadia Piechestein, a London-based sustainable fashion designer who is reimagining traditional mending techniques to create contemporary fine fashion that challenges the boundaries of longevity and creativity. With TLZ Movement Clothes, Nadia has created a haven where longevity, quality, creativity, and practicality coexist harmoniously.


As one of the pioneers of ethical fashion in Argentina, Nadia brings her sustainable approach to the forefront. By combining slow fashion techniques with zero-stock and zero-waste production, TLZ Movement Clothes is not only fashion-forward but also environmentally conscious. The last collection showcases the impeccable artistry of embroidery and weavings, created in collaboration with local makers. And let's not forget the ingenious iron-on patches that give you the power to incorporate beautiful textiles into your garments with just an iron.


Nadia's remarkable work has already caught the attention of the fashion industry. Her designs have been showcased at prestigious events such as London Fashion Week 2022, The Lab E20, and Fashion District Hub during the prelaunch of The Reclaimery platform. Additionally, her contributions to The Festival of Natural Fibers and London Craft Week have solidified her status as a trailblazer in sustainable fashion.


But TLZ Movement Clothes is not just about beautiful designs and fashion shows. Throughout the year, Nadia offers reworking services, workshops, and products to help you unleash the full potential of your wardrobe. Transform your old favorites into new, exciting pieces that reflect your individuality and style.


Join the movement and discover a whole new world of creative possibilities for your wardrobe. Together, let's redefine the way we consume fashion and make a positive impact on our planet. #SustainableFashion #FashionRevolution #TLZMovementClothes


Choose between:

Reworked clothes: bring us a garments and we will reconstruct it! We work only with Up-cycling and reworking techniques on preloved garments and Textile Designers dead stock materials.

Patches: You can buy our patches and DIY. Spice up clothes and make them last longer with this beautiful bespoke PATCHES.  The perfect conscious gift to make clothes special.  TLZ Movement Clothes have recently been inspired by Gandhi’s vision of regenerative textiles and a self-sufficient economy. TLZ’s founder and designer, Nadia Piechestein, has been working with Khadi London to source khadi fabric. She has created a product that allows you to easily mend your clothes by ironing on a 100% khadi cotton patch! Which comes in a range of quirky colours and patterns. 

TLZ Movement Clothes will also be giving 10% of the proceeds from the sale of her patches to Beejkatha and their Cotton to Cloth project. Beejkatha is working on improving the quality of cotton farming for a small tribal village in Wardha district in India.


Alterations and repairs 

Workshops: We have an amazing space in East London where you can learn  mending techniques, how to use a sewing machine, copy a garment, weaving and reworking.

Team Building Events:  If you’re looking for totally unique company team building ideas, why not try one of our corporate sewing events?

Costumes: We want to redefine how to make costumes bringing circular economy to the stage. Repurposed costumes, just scroll down to see some of them.

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We are (obviously) located inside a REworked building :)

Located on Westferry Road, The Forge was built in 1860 for CJ Mare & Company (engineers and shipbuilders). It is one of the last buildings from the golden age of shipbuilding on the Isle of Dogs. At the time of Brunel’s famous paddle steamer, The Forge – part of a 5,000-strong workforce – built the keel for HMS Northumberland; one of the earliest ironclad battleships.

Built of robust, Flemish bond brick, The Forge then had a varied history. After becoming a workshop for Joseph Westwood & Co (structural engineers and bridgebuilders) in 1889, the vast building went into decline. At one point, there was even a risk of demolition.

2003 saw The Forge gain Grade II listing and most recently, Craft Central approached Emrys Architects with a brief to create a collection of studio spaces, creative workspaces and a gallery for exhibitions.

Nominated for a New London Award, the building is stunning, and a fitting home for contemporary craftspeople. 

The sympathetic renovation ensured that many original features remained. You’ll find huge feature windows, exposed brickwork, eight former furnace chimney breasts, old gantries, ironwork and industrial fittings – even two overhead cranes (in full working order!). One crane is particularly rare. Built by the Vaughan Crane Company in Manchester, it dates back to the late 19th century and comprises a timber gantry frame, under-braced with a timber gantry.

outside of the building

These are some of the Companies and artists we worked with. Collaborations and projects to info@tlzmovement.com

Hack Ballet London

Nothing Hill Carnival_Baque de Axe company London

Demi Anter | sound + vision 

Freeweaver Saori Studio_ textile design

Milonga_ Dir. Craig Talbot (short Film)

TELAzampo collections

Soy Bruta_ Theatre 

Nandita project_ Movement Facilitator and Director

Acuarela_ Carnival

Festival of Natural fibers _London/India