Hi, I'm Nadia, a Sustainable Fashion/Costume Designer from Latinamérica. 

This is what we do:

Reworked clothes: bring us a garments and we will reconstruct it! We work only with Up-cycling and reworking techniques on preloved garments and Textile Designers dead stock materials.

Patches: You can buy our patches and DIY. I spice up clothes and make them last longer with my beautiful bespoke PATCHES which I make from offcuts collected from my work in alterations and repairs. Wholesale

Alterations and repairs

Workshops: We have an amazing space in East London where you can learn from mending, use a sewing machine, copy a garment, weaving and reworking.

Build your own Sustainable brand: We guide you through all the process to create you Fashion brand in a Sustainable way. Prototypes, garment construction, patterns, materials, story, footprint, collection, collaborations and practical sewing skills.

Costumes: We want to redefine how to make costumes bringing circular economy to the stage. Repurposed costumes!


 Nadia Piechestein is a Sustainable Fashion Designer from Latinamerica. She has been reworking  clothes since she was 14 years old, learning from her mother and grand-mother bringing it to her profesional precess.  She works with her brand  TLZ  in Theatre, Dancing and Fashion collaborating with a sustainable approach. The workshops she gives are all about how to make clothes last longer.

These are some of the places she worked in:

Hack Ballet London

Nothing Hill Carnival_Baque de Axe company London

Freeweaver Saori Studio_ textile design

Milonga_ Dir. Craig Talbot (short Film)

TELAzampo collections

Soy Bruta_ Theatre 

Nandita project_ Movement Facilitator and Director

Acuarela_ Carnival

Festival of Natural fibers _London/India

Send us an e-mail with your proposal and we will add the magic. info@tlzmovement.com