Hi, I'm Nadia, a Sustainable Fashion/Costume Designer from Latinamérica. 

I spice up clothes and make them last longer with my beautiful bespoke PATCHES which I make from offcuts collected from my work in alterations and repairs. And that´s not all, I also collaborate with textile Designers using their dead stock to create new collections.

Costumes for Theatre, Dance, Film and other Performances too!

We work only with Up-cycling and reworking techniques on preloved garments and Textile Designers dead stock materials.
We want to redefine how to make costumes bringing circular economy to the stage. Repurposed costumes!

Hack Ballet London

Nothing Hill Carnival_Baque de Axe company London

Freeweaver Saori Studio_ textile design

Milonga_ Dir. Craig Talbot (short Film)

TELAzampo collections

Soy Bruta_ Theatre 

Nandita project_ Movement Facilitator and Director

Acuarela_ Carnival

Festival of Natural fibers _London/India

Send us an e-mail with your proposal and we will add the magic. info@tlzmovement.com