up-cycling SEWING workshops


Clothes always deserve a second chance in life.

IS ABOUT appreciating and working with what you have. We redesign your favorite clothes so you can refresh your wardrobe! And if you fancy to do it yourself we also invite you to our upcycling workshops.


Observe and interact

Don’t waste space, time, money or resources. Put it to work to serve a purpose.

TLZ relies on creativity as well as awareness of the cyclical processes of which everyone is part.

It makes people creators and participants rather than passive consumers.

What better way to reduce consumption of finite resources than to make the most of what we already have?

Produce no waste

Re use, repurpose and look to create self-sufficient processes rather than relying on finite resources or single-use products. Look at this not as a constraint but as an opportunity for creativity.

Every week from the 10th of February we make sewing workshops that costs only £15 pounds, where you will learn upcycling and repair clothes at the caffe Le Pain Quotidien in Hampstead High St. 46, London NW3 1QG. Drop into our weekly workshops every Monday from 18:00 to 20:00hs. See you there! 

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