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‘Let’s dance beyond the dance’

Every Wednesday 18hs I'm dancing with my skirt for 30 minutes having fun with myself and with you from the other side of the camera.
I started doing it one random day and suddenly some of you asked me to make it weekly. Thank you so much for being so lovely about this idea of dancing exploration!
Expect Latin music and good vibes, some afrobrazilian to connect with Nature and improvisation to free our body!
Intention: Today I will not stress over things I cannot control.
Nadia Piechestein, this is me:
Born in Argentina, I believe dancing is sacred; it makes me FEEL. That’s why I dance through life, enjoying being me. I love feeling the vibration of the drums, the energy that makes me move connected with Nature. I’ve been dancing and performing internationally for 16 years.

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  • This pandemic kept us away from dance classes, parties, and meetings with friends. However, we also dance in the loneliness of our houses. No matter how shy you feel on the floor, your home is the ideal place to forget about everything and shake your body while you are cleaning, drinking coffee, or just for fun.

    Let’s enjoy the space that Nadia offers to connect with our body, express, let go, and have fun! Move to the rhythm of the music she proposes, and feel free to suggest the ones you like!

    I couldnt have the chance to take classes with you because I came back to Argentina, but Im happy that I have the chance now, by Instagram! LET`S DANCE!!


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