A classic!

This amazing musician made ¨Musical Tuesday¨ during the quarantine.


A weekly video on her YouTube Channel playing her favorite music to us. She chose this beautiful piece called….. Half Circular Skirt in Patchwork…one of our favorite. A classic. And also she chose Chopin.
Let me invite you to Julieta Iglesias´s world, her musical passion with her large repertoire that also encompasses tango. She has performed with the London Tango Orchestra, the Trio Escualo, the Trio Abril, as well as solo piano.
In 2018, she recorded the album 'Astor' which is  a tribute to the well-known tango composer. 
Recently, she has released two EP's: 'Piano in Quarantine' and 'My Homages', and a third album is coming soon: ‘Londoner'.

I`d love to see as well a couple dancing Tango with one of our skirts…..I´ll see what I can do. Just wait and see..

Find Julieta playing with our skirt here   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMrUppUipAQ

And find her in her Instagram here @julieta.iglesias.4

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