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 circular patch in a blue jacketblack denim with lots of yellow flowers on itflowers on the back of a dress


shirt white with blue patchessport bra with a patch on it woman looking greatwoman with kbeish patchescoat flower patches pinkblack trousers with blue flower patchesblond woman with coat pink and patcheswoman with patchesblond woman with white sweater and two patchesjumper for men full of patches mending fixjeans reworked with two patchesman with bear hipster with a patch on his hat winterwoman with a t-shirt reworked and patches on itskirt mini with flowers patches colorful bag reworked flowers patchesleggings turquoise with two square patches on the kneeshay winter yellow with a black and white patchbackpack blue with two patches on it red and bluea back of a man showing a shirt with two triangle patcheswoman with triangles patch beish on a sweater green turtle neck with a patch made from offcuts. Pink and denim in a triangle shape